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Up-to-date bifocal sunglasses exclusively for good-looking girl

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People think of sun protection as skin protection, seldom have eye protection in mind. In practice, researches indicate that eyes exposure to ultraviolet radiation will do injury and even cause diseases to eyes. For that reason, we ought to care our eyes especially in hot summer.
Don't look directly to the sunlight in the hot sunny days.Eyes are extremely weak. If one looks at sun directly for a moment, he/she may be dizzy to watch. Long-time direct view will lead to pain, tears, inflammation and blurred vision and so on, thus damage the retina.
As is known to all, eyes are fragile and susceptible to ultraviolet radiation which would easily injury eyes. The UV rays with the wavelength of 280nm are most harmful to the cornea, which would result in conjunctivitis. The UV rays with the wavelength of 290-400nm are harmful to lens, which would result in cataract. Research suggests that one more hour you bask in the sun every day; you are likely to get cataract with 10% more chance. So then what shall we do in daily life?
When you are outgoing in summer, remember to wear broad-brimmed hat or use umbrella, a pair bifical eyeglasses is most effective in protecting your eyes. It should be noted that you'd better buy a pair of bifical sunglasses of good quality. If you buy schlock sunglasses, instead of protecting eyes, you are doing harm to your eyes. Buy a pair of anti-ultraviolet sunglasses when summer comes so that your eyes will be safer. Medical search results have proved that grey lenses are the best choice; lenses of too dark color may pass more UV rays to eyes. If you wear contact lenses, you can choose those with anti-UV function which can block 90% ultraviolet rays.Your eyes will be safer if you add a pair of progressive eyewear.At noon, the sun is strongest and your skin and eyes are at highest risk. The best way to protect you is to keep indoors.
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